Conde Naste Traveler:

ranks Charleston first on the list of friendliest cities in the United States.

In 2013, Charleston again was voted the friendliest city in the United States. Over 4 million people a year come to visit, and to savor the culture and charms of Historic Charleston.

Discover the reasons why!

Originally called Charles Towne in the 1680's, Charleston became the permanent British settlement in the Carolina's. One can visit this landing and see where and how the colonials lived during those tumultuous first years.

The Revolutionary war, Charleston harbor was the site of the first major naval battle fought between the colonialists and the British Navy. The battle was fought off the shores at Ft. Sullivan. William Moultrie and other colonial separatists defeated the British Navy and General Clinton's army of 5000 British regulars. In his honor the fort was renamed Ft. Moultrie.

In The Patriot, Mel Gibson portrayed the Swamp Fox, a native plantation owner, in the movie. His portrayal depicted the sacrifices Charlestonian's made for Independence. His image was created by combining the deeds of Francis Marion, You can visit plantations of real life historic figures of the American revolution. Just drop in at the Middleton plantation established in 1741. Arthur Middleton was a signer on the Declaration of Independence.

Charlestonian firsts:

  • The first golf course (Charleston Green) and golf club (The South Carolina Golf Club) in America, established 1786.
  • The first major American victory during the American Revolutionary war.
  • The first shot of the Civil War.

Explore the original colonial settlement at Charles Towne Landing.

  • Visit the sites of Historic Charleston. See where the American Civil War began. Walk the historic streets on a guided tour.
  • Enjoy the Southern Plantations, or stroll along the Battery.
  • If you get hungry, dine at Mc Crady's.George Washington dined there during his visit in 1791.
  • Afterwards go on a chilling ghost tour. Explore the haunted sights of Charleston. You may just encounter one of the ghosts, reported on CNN, roaming around in one of the old building or cemeteries.
  • You can actually be a guest at one of the landmark hotels, like the Mills House. This historic landmark was saved from certain doom by Gen. Robert E. Lee during the siege of Charleston.
  • Have a bowl of famous She Crab soup at one of our fine eating establishments.

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Enjoy sailing the harbor on one of the harbor cruises.

There is allot of golf to be played here. Courses like the links at Patriot Point not only have great golf, but also have some great views of the harbor. Golf not your style, try kayaking.
Have a little time to spend, learn how to sail at one of the best sailing schools on the east coast, the Ocean Sailing Academy.
Maybe you have a desire to explore the supernatural. Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in America. Go ahead and take a ghost tour and find the haunts where the past still travel in search of peace.
Of course there is plenty of saltwater and freshwater fishing for the avid sportsman.